Rape culture is not just the act of rape. It is the culture that normalizes rape.
You don’t have to be a rapist to be a participant in rape culture. You don’t have to be a rape victim to understand or accept that rape culture exists. And being a participant in rape culture doesn’t automatically mean you’re a terrible person. It means you were raised in this culture. And that is not your fault.
But staying ignorant and getting defensive when rape culture is pointed out, that is all you.
Rape Culture by ghosthelwig (via phyew)
Stop faking your fucking orgasms. Society already tells young men that they run the fucking universe - if they can’t turn your cunt into a shooting star then for god’s sake, let them know about it. Some more little life lessons, by Daisy Lola (via sh-ocking)


when someone says “i dont want to” or “i dont feel comfortable” dont you fucking dare tell them that thats not a good excuse if they dont want to fucking do it dont make them do it oh ymg fFUCKING GOD


boys will be bo-“

*flies in* 

*punches you in the face*




Today, I read an article about a woman with HIV who was raped. The man that attacked her is now HIV positive. All of the commentary surround this was about how she should have told him she was HIV+ and that women with HIV should have a badge or special underwear so that this doesn’t happen to another man. It is 12:12am and I am already done with the world. 

That is rape culture


I once had a random guy tug on my shirt and call me cutie and when I told him not to touch me he proceded to call me a bitch and tell me that he wouldn’t fuck me if I payed him.

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I once had a guy tell me that I would look good naked and bent over his desk. This guy was my psychology professor and I was alone in his office with him, trying to arrange an alternate testing date so I could pick my sister up from chemotherapy. No one believes me and I have to pass him in the hallways every day as he leers at me.

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